Frequently Asked Questions

The following items are not permitted in the County Jail and will not be accepted if sent through the mail:

 1. Polaroid type photographs

 2. Photographs larger than 4"x6"

 3. Photographs or pictures of nude or partially nude subjects

 4. Embossed or raised-surface on greeting cards

 5. Greeting cards made of heavy-weight card stock

 6. Greeting cards larger than 6"x10"

 7. Any type of sticker, glitter, glue, tape, whiteout or paint on the letter or envelope

 8. Personal checks, two party checks, welfare/social security checks

 9. Postage stamps, stationary or blank envelopes

 10. Letters or envelopes with perfume or kiss impressions

 11. Oversized envelopes (max size 6"x10")

 12. Magazines, books or periodicals not delivered though the mail from the publisher or retail outlet

 13. Hardback books

 14. Publications containing or promoting obscenity, murder, arson, riot, racism, violence or gambling

 15. Packages of any type that have not been pre-approved

 16. Money Orders not issued by the U.S. Post Office

 17. Staples or paper clips

 18. More than 4 pages of printed or photocopied 8.5"x11" pages including photographs and internet pages