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Type of Incident:
San Luis Obispo County Resolution
Date and Time of Incident:
4-16-13, 9 AM
Place of Occurrence:
Board of Supervisors Chambers
Victim Information:
Suspect Information:
Details of News Release:
On 4-16-13, the San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors will issue a resolution proclaiming April 14-20 as “SAN LUIS OBISPO COUNTY NATIONAL PUBLIC SAFETY TELECOMMUNICATIONS WEEK.” This resolution recognizes the important and vital work performed by public safety dispatchers in the Sheriff's Office and County Fire. On average, Sheriff's Dispatchers answer 3,055 9-1-1 calls a month. County Fire Dispatchers field an average of 213 calls a month. Sheriff Ian Parkinson and County Fire Chief Robert Lewin will be attending along with dispatchers from each agency and Red E. Fox, the official 9-1-1 mascot. The resolution is scheduled to be presented at 9 AM.
Prepared By: tcipolla
Released: Monday 04/15/2013 3:24:26 PM
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