Public Information
Crime Prevention Unit/ Public Information Officer Public Information Officer

The Crime Prevention and Public Information Unit provide office speakers, neighborhood watch and general crime prevention information to the County of San Luis Obispo. Included in the unit is the Public Information Officer in charge of media relations for the office. Each Crime Prevention Specialist is assigned specific areas of responsibility in order to provide the general public with up to date information to reduce their probability of becoming a victim of a crime. Areas of expertise include rural crime prevention programs for farms and ranches, personal safety, internet fraud, children’s programs, business and commercial crime reduction, crime prevention through environmental design and crime free multi-family housing. The Public Information Officer provides media outlets in the community with press releases, interview opportunities and promotes the office’s objectives via radio, television, print and web based information products. The PIO also provides print ads for placement in local publications that include crime prevention messages targeted at a specific population group or crime trend. The ads appear in magazines, newspapers and newsletters in the community and reinforce the prevention aspects of crime control.

Enforced by SLO County Sheriff's Office

For further information on crime prevention or the public information office please contact (805) 781-4547.