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The San Luis Obispo County Sheriff's Advisory Council is a non-profit, public benefit corporation formed to provide funding and additional support to the Sheriff's Office. The Sheriff's Advisory Council started in 1988 with 22 members and has grown to 105 active members.

The Sheriff's Advisory Council has been successful in augmenting and supporting local law enforcement agencies, DARE program and auxiliary units (Aero Squadron, Posse, Search & Rescue, Dive Team and Volunteer Patrol) by providing funding for training and needed equipment. A scholarship fund has been set up for college students entering the field of law enforcement, and for children of officers killed or disabled in the line of duty.

A long-term goal of the Sheriff's Advisory Council is to provide enhanced, quality training to law enforcement in San Luis Obispo County. In 2002, the Advisory Council started financially supporting the presentations of professional law enforcement instructors to law enforcement personnel at the local level. By providing quality training, at the local level, local law enforcement agencies can minimize personnel, tuition, and subsistence costs while receiving the benefits of enhanced, quality training.

The Sheriff's Advisory Council urges you to join in making an investment in the future of law enforcement in San Luis Obispo County. For further information please call (805) 781-4546. Membership applications and contributions should be sent to :

Sheriff's Advisory Council
P.O. Box 3752
San Luis Obispo, CA 93403

Membership fee: $100.00 per year
Jr. Member (under 21) $25.00 per year

The Sheriff's Advisory Council provides media releases about the local law enforcement community. Here are three recent spots aired on local radio stations.