Released: March 18, 2020 - Wednesday, 04:26 PM

Shelter at Home

Contact: Tony CipollaPhone: (805) 781-4547Date and time of incident: 3-18-20Place of Occurrence: San Luis Obispo CountyVictim Information: N/ASuspect Information: N/ANow that the order to shelter-at-home has been given by the County of San Luis Obispo, the Sheriff's Office is offering guidance on our role and responsibility during this challenging time.
First and foremost, we are asking all the citizens of the County to remain calm. We understand these are trying times. But remember, the Sheriff's Office mission is to provide service, security and safety to the community. And we can do that if we have everyone's cooperation in being responsible citizens.
It's important to know about a shelter-at-home directive that you are allowed to leave your house. You can still leave to get food or medicine or keep doctor's appointments. You can leave your house to take your dog on a walk. You can leave your house if you want to go on a walk. Just remember the rules regarding social distancing and to avoid gathering in large groups.
The Sheriff’s Office will continue to provide full service to the community, and all of our patrol station lobbies are open during business hours at this time. We will maintain robust staffing in the field and the public should expect to see our deputies patrolling in their communities with no break in service. Additionally, we will have a high saturation of patrols targeted in the commercial corridors.
Again, we ask for your cooperation during this time. And by working together, we know will get through this.