Alternative Sentencing


The Sheriff’s Alternative Sentencing Unit (ASU) offers a Home Detention Program (HDP) for inmates who are sentenced to 21 days to a year in the County Jail, and an Alternative Work Program (AWP) for inmates sentenced to 20 days or less. HDP allows an inmate to serve their sentence in their San Luis Obispo County home and continue to work at their regular job. AWP allows an inmate to perform eight hours of general labor for every one day of jail time.

These voluntary programs are open only to minimum security/low risk inmates, as determined by the ASU staff. These programs are a privilege, not a right. Certain crime convictions are not eligible for participation, including but not limited to violent crimes, sexual crimes, crimes against children, and some drug related crimes.

Call the ASU Coordinator at (805) 781-4635 for further information.

We no longer require fees for the Alternative Sentencing Program.

In addition, you may submit your application and court remand order via email, as well as regular USPS mail.

See application for further details and instructions.

Download  Application