Released: July 27, 2023 - Thursday, 04:40 PM

Shooting Investigation Arrest

Contact: Tony CipollaPhone: (805) 781-4547Date and time of incident: 11-4-2022, Approximately 8:00 PMPlace of Occurrence: Lopez Lake area, rural Arroyo GrandeVictim Information: Alexander Montero Pille, 28, Arroyo GrandeSuspect Information: Daniel Jacobo, 22, Oceano Alexis Tapiapille, 21, Oceano Marc Anthony Ramos Perez, 21, MexicoThe Sheriff's Office is filing charges against an Oceano man in connection with a shooting incident which occurred in 2022 near the Lopez Lake area of rural Arroyo Grande.
22-year-old Daniel Jacobo of Oceano was already in custody on an unrelated case associated with a drive-by shooting. He has now been charged with involuntary manslaughter, using a firearm in commission of a felony, and making a false crime report.
Two others are being charged as accessories to a crime and also for filing a false crime report. 21-year-old Alexis Tapiapille of Oceano is out of custody on an unrelated case and is awaiting arraignment on this new case. Perez is not in custody and is still outstanding.
On 11-4-2022, Sheriff’s Deputies responded to the Arroyo Grande Community Hospital where a male was transported after sustaining a gunshot wound. The victim, 28-year-old Arroyo Grande resident Alexander Montero Pille, died at the hospital. The involved parties who were present during the incident and transported Pille to the hospital initially reported the shooting was related to a road rage incident on Los Berros Rd. During the investigation, Sheriff’s Detectives learned the victim and the three others were in the same vehicle near the Lopez Lake area of rural Arroyo Grande when the incident occurred. Based on the investigation, Sheriff’s Detectives believe the shooting was unrelated to a road rage incident.
The District Attorney's Office has reviewed the case and has filed charges against all three suspects.
No further information is available at this time.