School Resource Deputy

School Resource Deputy

The School Resource Deputy program creates a law enforcement presence to ensure safety and promote positive relationships on school campuses and at community events. Our School Resource Deputies host three week-long Sheriff’s Youth Summer Camps throughout the county teaching gang resistance, positive peer pressure, and communication skills, while also participating in fun activities and events. The SRDs provide a visible and positive law enforcement presence on 46 school campuses throughout San Luis Obispo County. SRDs also assist school staff in educating kindergarten through twelfth grade students on prevention of drug, alcohol and tobacco use.

Another prevention program that our School Resource Deputies provide is the Teen Driver Challenge. Car accidents are the leading cause of death of young people between the ages of 14 and 24. For this reason, the Sheriff’s Office is offering a Sheriff’s Teen Driver Challenge, that teaches young drivers how to be safe behind the wheel. For further information on this program or to learn about how to get involved, contact your school’s School Resource Deputy.

Click to watch a video on our Teen Driver Challenge program!


School Resource Deputy sitting at a community outreach booth smiling.

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