Concealed Carry Weapon

Frequently Asked Questions
Applying for your Concealed Carry Weapon's Permit


Learning the laws regulating the use of firearms is a must for responsible ownership. Local regulations differ and laws vary from state to state. Citizens must check with the jurisdiction where the firearm is to be used.

If you are a resident of the:

  • City of Arroyo Grande
  • City of Atascadero
  • City of Grover Beach
  • City of Morro Bay
  • City of Paso Robles
  • City of Pismo Beach
  • City of San Luis Obispo

you will need to contact the law enforcement agency in the city you live in to apply for your Concealed Carry Weapon license per California Penal Code section 26155.

In California, the Sheriff and his staff are required to follow strict state and local guidelines when performing the necessary background checks for issuing Concealed Carry Weapon licenses. Due to the detailed nature involved with conducting these background checks, appointment times and processing times can take multiple weeks, For a NEW application, the applicant will be asked to schedule an interview appointment for a new Concealed Carry Weapon license.

Frequently Asked Questions