Released: October 9, 2014 - Thursday, 01:29 PM

Telephone Scam

Contact: Sgt. Jeff NicholsPhone: (805) 805-781-4550Date and time of incident: 10-09-2014 / 0935Place of Occurrence: Los OsosVictim Information: N/ASuspect Information: N/AOn 10-09-14 a Los Osos resident received a call from a male subject reporting himself to be with the IRS. He told the victim they had a warrant for their arrest and they needed to submit money in order to recall the warrant. A second male subject later called representing himself to be an "officer with the Sheriff's Office" as he confirmed the statements made by the previous caller. In addition to the statement by the suspects as being affiliated with the Sheriff's Office, the caller ID on the victims telephone displayed a telephone number utilized by the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff's Office.

The Sheriff's Office would like to inform the public that all calls of this nature are scams. Under no circumstances should anyone remit money or confidential information to anyone over the telephone. The Sheriff's Office would never request payment from anyone for any reason by telephone or digital media. It is important to know that technology exists for suspects to insert false names and telephone numbers to display on victims caller ID. Anyone who is contacted by such a person is encouraged to notify the law enforcement agency in your area.