Released: July 18, 2023 - Tuesday, 06:58 PM

Homicide Investigation Update -Victim's Identities

Contact: Grace NorrisPhone: (805) 781-4483Date and time of incident: 7-16-23, Approximately 9:23 PMPlace of Occurrence: 200 Block of South Second Street, ShandonVictim Information: Kelly Jean Buchanan, 44, Shandon William Louis Buchanan, 52, ShandonSuspect Information: Justin Buchanan, 31, ShandonThe Sheriff's Office is releasing the victim's identities from the homicide and attempted homicide that occurred on 7-16-23 in Shandon. 44-year-old Kelly Buchanan and 52-year-old William Buchanan of Shandon were both stabbed multiple times by 31-year-old Justin Buchanan. Kelly succumbed to her injuries, William was airlifted to the hospital but is now in stable condition.
Justin Buchanan was living with William and Kelly Buchanan at the time of the stabbings.